Ranjodh Singh Majithia

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Ranjodh Singh was a powerful member of the Sikh aristocracy. The Majithia family are Jat of the Shergill gotra (clan),[citation needed] and were particularly influential in the area near their headquarters in Majithia (hence the name).

Ranjodh Singh's father was Lehna Singh Majithia, one of Ranjit Singhs most able ministers and advisers. Ranjodh Singh himself was from a young age tutored by French officers in military matters. Due to this education and his inherited position he became a general in the Khalsa Army. During the First Anglo Sikh War he led a Sikh army that fought the British at Aliwal and Badowal. He defeated the British at the Battle of Badowal but was defeated in battle of Aliwal which was more of an ambush on a retreating party of his army. His skill and ability was noted by his British opponents.