Ranks and insignia of Organisation Todt

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Ranks and insignia of Organisation Todt show the pay grades, wage groups and paramilitary ranks used by the Organisation Todt.

Ranks and Pay Grades of OT Organic Staff[edit]

OT-Pay Grade Technical Services and Transport Administrative and Executive Medical Equivalent rank
16 OT-Arbeiter OT-Arbeiter OT-Sanitäter Grenadier
15 OT-Stammarbeiter - - Obergrenadier
14 OT-Vorarbeiter OT-Vorarbeiter OT-Stammsanitäter Gefreiter
13 OT-Meister OT-Meister OT-Obersanitäter Obergefreiter
12 OT-Obermeister OT-Obermeister OT-Hauptsanitäter Unteroffizier
OT-Truppführer OT-Truppführer OT-Sanitätstruppführer Feldwebel
11 OT-Obertruppführer OT-Obertruppführe OT-Sanitätsobertruppfüher Oberfeldwebel
OT-Haupttruppführer OT-Haupttruppführer OT-Sanitätshaupttruppführer Stabsfeldwebel
10 OT-Bauführer OT-Frontführer OT-Arzt Leutnant
9 OT-Oberbauführer OT-Oberfrontführer OT-Oberarzt Oberleutnant
8 OT-Hauptbauführer OT-Hauptfrontführer OT-Stabsarzt Hauptmann
7 OT-Bauleiter OT-Stabsfrontführer OT-Oberstabsarzt Major
6 OT-Oberbauleiter OT-Oberstabsfrontführer OT-Oberfeldarzt Oberstleutnant
5 OT-Hauptbauleiter OT-Oberstfrontführer OT-Oberstarzt Oberst
4 OT-Einsatzleiter OT-Einsatzleiter - Generalmajor
3 OT-Einsatzgruppenleiter II - - Generalleutnant
2 OT-Einsatzgruppenleiter I - - General

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Ranks and Wage Groups of OT Contractor Staff[edit]

Wage Group OT-Rank Specifications
J1 OT-Arbeiter
Technical and clerical employees under 20 years of age, without completed vocational education
J2 OT-Stammarbeiter
Technical and clerical employees under 20 years of age, with completed vocational education and apprenticeship
K1 OT-Vorarbeiter
Clerical employees with repetitive tasks
K2 Clerical employees with simple tasks
T1 Technical employees with repetitive tasks
T2 OT-Obermeister
Technical employees with simple tasks
M OT-Obermeister
MO OT-Truppführer
Head foremen
K3 OT-Obertruppführer
Administrative employees
T3 OT-Haupttruppführer
Technical employees with difficult tasks
K4 OT-Frontführer
Leading administrative employees
T4 OT-Oberbauführer
Leading technical employees
TH OT-Hauptbauführer


Wage groups for front workers and OT legionaries[edit]

Wage Group Category
A Assistant foremen
B Leading skilled workers
C Skilled specialists
D Skilled workers
Leading semi-skilled workers
E Semi-skilled workers
Leading unskilled workers
F Unskilled workers
G Guard workers
H Catering and service workers
J Workers under the age of 18
K Female workers


Rank insignia[edit]

Shoulder insignia Collar insignia OT Rank[5][6][7] Translation Heer equivalent
None.svg Amtschef OT Corps Leader Generaloberst
None.svg OT-Einsatz-gruppenleiter I Senior Group Leader General
None.svg OT-Einsatz-gruppenleiter II Group Leader Generalleutnant
None.svg OT-Einsatzleiter Brigade Leader Generalmajor
None.svg OT-Hauptbauleiter Regiment Leader Oberst
None.svg OT-Oberbauleiter Senior squadron leader Oberstleutnant
None.svg OT-Bauleiter Squadron leader Major
None.svg OT-Hauptbauführer.svg OT-Hauptbauführer Chief Assault Leader Hauptmann
None.svg OT-Oberbauführer.svg OT-Oberbauführer Senior Assault Leader Oberleutnant
None.svg OT-Bauführer.svg OT-Bauführer Assault Leader Leutnant
None.svg OT-Haupttruppführer.svg OT-Haupttruppführer Head troop leader No equivalent
None.svg OT-Obertruppführer.svg OT-Obertruppführer Senior Troop Leader Stabsfeldwebel
None.svg OT-Truppführer.svg OT-Truppführer Troop Leader Hauptfeldwebel
None.svg OT-Mannschaften.svg OT-Obermeister Senior Master Unteroffizier
OT-Meister Master Obergefreiter
None.svg OT-Vorarbeiter Foreman Gefreiter
OT-Stammarbeiter Permanent worker Soldat
OT-Arbeiter Worker Soldat


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