Ranks and insignia of the Forest protection (Nazi Germany)

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The ranks and insignia of the Forest protection (Reichforstschutz) were the paramilitary rank system used by the national Forest protection agency in Germany during World War II. The collar tabs and shoulder boards underlay identified the service. Green for State Forestry Service, gray for Heer Forestry Service, black for Luftwaffe Forestry Service, and brown for Private Forestry Service.[1]

Rank Insignia[edit]

Ranks (1934–1938)[edit]

Ranks (1938–1942)[edit]

Ranks (1942–1945)[edit]

Shoulder insignia[2] Collar insignia[1] Name Translation Heer equivalent
None.svg None.svg Oberlandforstmeister Senior country forest master
RF-Landforestmeister h.svg RF-Landforestmeister collar.svg Landforstmeister Country forest master
RF-Oberforestmeister h.svg RF-Oberforestmeister collar.svg Oberforstmeister Senior forest master
RF-Forestmeister h.svg RF-Forestmeister collar.svg Forstmeister Forest master
RF-Forstassiessor h.svg RF-Forstassiessor collar.svg Forstassessor
RF-Reviertorester h.svg RF-Reviertorester collar.svg Revierförster District forester
RF-Reviertorester Auberplanmbig h.svg RF-Reviertorester Auberplanmbig collar.svg Revierförster (Außerplanmäßig)
RF-Lower ranks h.svg RF-Unterforester collar.svg Unterförster Under forester
RF-Hilfsforester collar.svg Hilfsförster Auxiliary forester
RF-Forstaufseher collar.svg Forstaufseher Forest overseer
RF-Anwarter collar.svg Anwärter Candidate



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