Ranks and insignia of the National Socialist Motor Corps

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The ranks and insignia of the National Socialist Motor Corps (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps, abbr. NSKK) were a paramilitary rank system in Germany used between the years of 1931 and 1945. They were based closely on the ranks and insignia of the Sturmabteilung (SA), of which the NSKK was originally a part.

Rank Insignia[edit]

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NSKK Rank[1] Translation Army & Air Force equivalent
OF-9 Korpsführer Corps leader Generaloberst Colonel-General
OF-8 Obergruppenführer Senior group leader General (der Waffengattung) General...
OF-7 Gruppenführer Group leader Generalleutnant Lieutenant general
OF-6 Brigadeführer Brigade leader Generalmajor Major general
OF5a Oberführer Senior leader no equivalent
OF5b Standartenführer Standard leader Oberst Colonel
OF-4 Oberstaffelführer Senior squadron leader Oberstleutnant Lieutenant colonel
OF-3 Staffelführer Squadron leader Major
OF-2 Hauptsturmführer Head storm leader Hauptmann Captain
OF-1a Obersturmführer Senior storm leader Oberleutnant First lieutenant
OF-1b Sturmführer Storm leader Leutnant Second lieutenant
OR-8 Haupttruppführer Head troop leader Stabsfeldwebel Sergeant major
OR-7 Obertruppführer Senior troop leader Oberfeldwebel Master sergeant
OR-6 Truppführer Troop leader Feldwebel Staff sergeant
OR-5 Oberscharführer Senior squad leader Unterfeldwebel Sergeant
OR-4 Scharführer Squad leader Unteroffizier Corporal
OR-3 Rottenführer Section leader Obergefreiter Lance-Corporal
OR-2 Sturmmann Storm man/Storm trooper Gefreiter Private first class
OR-1 NSKK-Mann NSKK-Man/NSMC-Trooper Soldat Private

Unit Insignia[edit]

For all ranks Oberstaffelführer and below, the NSKK displayed a unit collar patch, worn on the right collar, opposite the badge of rank. This unit badge displayed a member's Sturm (Company) number, followed by the number of the motorized regiment to which they belonged within the National Socialist Motor Corps.

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