Ranks and insignia of the Reichsluftschutzbund

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Ranks and insignia of Reichsluftschutzbund were paramilitary titles adopted by the Reichsluftschutzbund (State Air Protection Corps - RLB) for wear on the paramiliary uniforms of the RLB.

The insignia of the Reichsluftschutzbund were modeled after that of the German Luftwaffe while the ranks were a modification of Sturmabteilung titles. The ranks of the RLB were as follows:

RLB Rank Translation Luftwaffe Equivalent Shoulder Insignia Collar Insignia
RLB-Präsident RLB president Generalfeldmarschall
General-Hauptluftschutzführer General Head Air Protection Leader General
Generalluftschutzführer General Air Protection Leader Generalmajor
Oberstluftschutzführer Colonel Air Protection Leader Oberst
Oberststabsluftschutzführer Colonel Staff Air Protection Leader Oberstleutnant
Stabsluftschutzführer Staff Air Protection Leader Major
Hauptluftschutzführer Head Air Protection Leader Hauptmann
Oberluftschutzführer Senior Air Protection Leader Oberleutnant
Luftschutzführer Air Protection Leader Leutnant
Luftschutzobertruppmeister Air Protection Senior Troop Master Feldwebel
Luftschutztruppmeister Air Protection Troop Master Unteroffizier
Luftschutzobertruppwart Air Protection Senior Troop Supervisor Hauptgefreiter
Luftschutztruppwart Air Protection Troop Supervisor Obergefreiter
Luftschutzobertruppmann Air Protection Senior Trooper Gefreiter
Luftschutztruppmann Air Protection Trooper Flieger