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Rannamaari is a Maldivian myth or legend which chronicles the Maldivian people's conversion from Buddhism to Islam.

Brief outline[edit]

According to Ibn Batuta's version of the story,[1] Rannamaari, a sea demon, haunted the people of the Maldives and had to be appeased monthly with the sacrifice of a virgin girl. On the last day of every month, a lot was drawn by the authority of the king, among the women of the island. She was to be sent off to spend the night in a temple to spend the night. Overnight, the demon was to come. The following morning, the girls were found dead, and the islanders proceed with the burial rituals.

Common versions[edit]

Rannamaari has two main versions, the traditional version and the one told by Ibn Batuta.

According to the Moroccan traveler Ibn Batuta, who visited the Maldives during his journeys through Asia,


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