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Ranrapalca (on the left) and Ocshapalca (on the right) as seen from the north-east (near the Ishinca glacier)
Highest point
Elevation 6,162 m (20,217 ft)
Coordinates 9°24′40″S 77°25′00″W / 9.41111°S 77.41667°W / -9.41111; -77.41667Coordinates: 9°24′40″S 77°25′00″W / 9.41111°S 77.41667°W / -9.41111; -77.41667
Ranrapalca is located in Peru
Location Ancash, Peru
Parent range Andes, Cordillera Blanca
First ascent Northeast ridge by W.Brecht et al. - 25 June 1939 [1]

Ranrapalca[2][3] (possibly from Quechua ranra stony, pallqa bifurcation, division into two parts)[citation needed] is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca range in the Andes of Peru. It has an elevation of 6,162 m (20,217 ft).[3] It is located in the region of Ancash, east of Ocshapalca.


The northeast ridge (normal route) is of intermediate difficulty (rated D range according to the International French Adjectival System). It consists in climbing a steep, rocky ridge from the Ranrapallqa-Ischinca col to the summit snowfields and 6,000 m and then traverse south of the knife edge summit. An easier variant of the normal route consists in avoiding the northeast ridge. From the Ranrapallqa-Ischinca col the summit snowfields can be reached climbing the easy snow slopes on the left of the ridge but this route, albeit slightly easier is more exposed to seracs and loose rocks. Many other routes exist, some of them quite difficult (such as the east ridge and south face, both rated TD+).



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