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Ranscombe Farm from the North Downs Way
The farm buildings seen over a field of Oil Seed Rape
In April the woods are carpeted with bluebells.

Ranscombe Farm, in Cuxton in North Kent, is a Plantlife Nature Reserve, country park and working farm. Part of the site is included in the Cobham Woods Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the whole farm is within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Ranscombe Farm Reserve works in partnership with five other sites in the local area. They are Shorne Wood Country Park, Jeskyns, Cobham Park, Ashenbank Wood and the Cobham Leisure Plots.[1]

It has been a source for flower collectors for centuries. Nationally Rare species, Hairy Mallow and Meadow Clary, were both collected from Ranscombe Farm, in 1699 and 1792 respectively. Other rarities include Ground Pine and Broad-leaved Cudweed and at least six species of orchid including Fly, Lady ('Fair Maidens of Kent') and Man Orchid.[2][3]

The chalk grassland hosts a rich suite of plants including Wild Liquorice and Horseshoe Vetch.

The arable flora includes Corncockle, Blue Pimpernel, Night-flowering Catchfly, Narrow-fruited Cornsalad (Valerianella dentata) [2] and Dense-flowered Fumitory.

What to see and when[edit]


TQ 718 675 51°22′52″N 0°28′01″E / 51.381°N 0.467°E / 51.381; 0.467Coordinates: 51°22′52″N 0°28′01″E / 51.381°N 0.467°E / 51.381; 0.467

Railway Station: Cuxton
By Bus. Nu-Venture 151 to Cuxton. [4]
By Bus. Arriva, 140 - Marlowe Park [Wells Rd] then Elgin Gardens then the Underpass located behind Elgin Gradens.[5][6][4]
By Bus. Arriva, 141 - Earl Estate then Albatross Avenue then the Underpass located at the car park.[5][6][4]
By Road. M2 to Junction 2, Carpark entrance on A228 200m on the right after exit roundabout.[4]

Ranscombe Farm straddles the North Downs Way, long-distance footpath.


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