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Country Malaysia
State Negeri Sembilan
District Seremban

Rantau is a small town in Seremban District, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It is surrounded by many smaller towns such including Kuala Sawah, Siliau, Kg.Sega, Linsum, and Ayer Kuning, making it the main town in the region with facilities like RHB bank, newly launched KFC, Seven Eleven and postal office.

The community contains five primary schools and two secondary schools. Rantau supports a multiracial population of around 8,000 people. Many changes in living quality and public services have taken place since the former Menteri Besar, or Chief Minister of the state, YAB Dato' Seri Utama Mohamad Haji Hasan was appointed. He has shown a keen interest to improve his hometown since he has become a civic leader.[citation needed]

Rantau has many notable successful people. Among them are the former Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan Mohamad Hasan, Dato VS Mogan former EXCO member of the Negeri Sembilan state Government, Mr Maha Sinnathamby, Rantau born Australian developer of Greater Springfield Development in Queensland, the largest master-planned community in Australia. There are few Government Diplomats, high level civil servants and businessmen who have their origin from Rantau.

The mosque of the small town of Kuala Sawah was built by estate owner Bujai Bin Dato' Raja Matshah on a piece of land donated (waqaf) [the waqaf was registered in Negeri Sembilan Land Legistry in 1922] by him at the junction of Jalan Ulu Sawah. Bujai Bin Dato' Raja Matshah lived near the mosque until his death in 1924, and was buried in front of it.

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Coordinates: 2°35′N 101°58′E / 2.583°N 101.967°E / 2.583; 101.967