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Village, former municipality
Rantsilan kunta
Coat of arms of Rantsila
Coat of arms
Location of Rantsila in Finland
Location of Rantsila in Finland
Coordinates: 64°30′N 025°39′E / 64.500°N 25.650°E / 64.500; 25.650Coordinates: 64°30′N 025°39′E / 64.500°N 25.650°E / 64.500; 25.650
Country Finland
Region Northern Ostrobothnia
Sub-region Siikalatva sub-region
Charter 1867
Consolidated 2009
 • Total 746.64 km2 (288.28 sq mi)
 • Land 732.23 km2 (282.72 sq mi)
 • Water 14.41 km2 (5.56 sq mi)
Population (2015-12-31)[2]
 • Total 812
 • Density 1.11/km2 (2.9/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Rantsila is a village and former municipality of Finland.

It is located in the province of Oulu and is part of the Northern Ostrobothnia region. The village had a population of 812 (31 December 2015),[3] while the former municipality covered a land area of 732.23 km2 (282.72 sq mi).[4] The population density was 2.73 inhabitants per square kilometre (7.1/sq mi). The municipality was unilingually Finnish.

The municipality had previously also been known as "Frantsila" in Swedish documents, but is today referred to as "Rantsila" also in Swedish.[5]

During the Finnish War (1808–1809), which resulted in Finland being ceded to the Russian Empire, the last battle engaged within Finland was held in the Kerälä village of Rantsila, between the Russian and Swedish-Finnish armies. General J.A. Sandels was perhaps the most highly respected commander of the Finnish troops, and in honour of him and his noble and highly renowned horse Bijou, an equestrian statue was erected in the center of Rantsila in 1989.

The municipality was consolidated with Kestilä, Piippola and Pulkkila on 1 January 2009 to form a new municipality of Siikalatva.[6]

Rantsila is famous for its heavy metal bands such as Hater, Hamarapuoli and Kolera, as well as internet personality Ari Kivikangas, better known as Cyberman.[7][third-party source needed]


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