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Ranum is a town in the community of Løgstør and the Vesthimmerland municipality in Denmark.

Ranum is the fifth largest town in Vesthimmerland municipality and situated approximately 3 km from the Fiord, Limfjorden and 1 hour from the two major cities Aalborg and Viborg. Ranum has a population of 1,011 (1 January 2014),.[1]

Ranum was established around the year 1100 and has been an attractive village throughout the last millennium. Ranum is famous for its educational heritage. The first teaching college (lærer seminarium) was established in 1848. The college was closed in 1994 and the historic premises is today a part of Ranum Efterskole. Ranum Efterskole is one of the largest efterskoles in Denmark, boarding and teaching more than 400 students every year.

Vildsted Lake, one of Denmarks biggest nature rehabilitation projects, is located next to the Ranum. Vildsted Lake and meadows covers in total 913 hectares and was established (re-created) in 2002-2006. Vildsted Lake is a unique nature resort and resting place for migrating birds.

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Coordinates: 56°54′N 9°14′E / 56.900°N 9.233°E / 56.900; 9.233