Ranworth rood screen

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Ranworth Rood Screen with annotations
Ranworth Rood Screen complete with annotations.jpg
Artist unknown English
Year 15th Century
Location St Helen's Church, Ranworth, Norfolk, UK

Ranworth rood screen is considered one of the finest examples of medieval rood screen to have survived the iconoclasm of the English Reformation.[1][2] It is located in the Church of St Helens, Ranworth, Norfolk, UK. The exact dates for the creation of the screen are unknown, though most experts agree that the paintings were probably executed sometime in the 15th Century, with the erection of the wooden screen itself possibly occurring some years earlier.[3]

North Retable (St John the Baptist Chapel)[edit]

St Etheldreda, St Agnes, St John the Baptist, St Barbara

North Wing[edit]

St George, St Stephen, Bishop (St Felix?)

Central rood screen (Twelve Apostles)[edit]

left central screen[edit]

St Simon, St Thomas, St Bartholomew, St James mjr., St Andrew, St Peter

right central screen[edit]

St Paul, Saint John, St Philip, St James mnr., St Jude, St Matthew

South Wing[edit]

Archbishop Thomas Becket, St Lawrence, St Michael.

South Retable (The Lady Chapel)[edit]

St Mary Salome, Virgin Mary, St Mary Cleophas, St Margaret of Antioch


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