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Ranzuki, March 2011.jpg
March 2011
First issueAugust 2000

Ranzuki is a fashion magazine published monthly in Japan by Bunka-sha Publishing & Co..[2] A gal magazine, Ranzuki mainly targets women in their teens[2] and shows its preference for dark-skin and 109 items.[3]


Ranzuki was first published in August 2000[4] with the name Ranking Daisuki (ランキング大好き, lit. "Ranking Loving").[5] Ranzuki later spawned its special edition which became independent as Jelly in 2006.[6]


Ranzuki features its regularly appearing models as "R's" and all of them usually appear on the magazine with their simple nicknames. The notable ones have included Yumi Yamanaka (Yumi-nyan), Aya Suzuki (Suzu), Takami Tsuha (Tah), Namino Hata (Nami-tee), Serika Nakayama (Serry), Yoko Kunieda (Yossan), Nicole Abe (Nikorun), Yui Minemura (Yuikichi or Yu-yu), Rika Mamiya (Rika-chu), Natsumi Saito (Natsuhmi), Arisa Kamada (Ari-chan), Rei Yasui (Rere).[7]

Some of them have moved to the sister magazine Jelly, including Maya Mori, Naomi Arai, Yuki Yamamoto, Mai Miyagi, and Miho Ishigami. Some have moved to Vanilla Girl, a fashion magazine published by Bunka-sha the same publisher.[7]


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