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Rao Bahadur (also Raobahadur, Rai Bahadur[1] or Roy Bahadur (in Bengal)), abbreviated R.B., was a title of honour issued during the era of British rule in India to individuals who had performed great service to the nation. It was awarded to Indians, both Hindu and Christian. It is the equivalent of an OBE. The title was accompanied by a medal called a Title Badge. Translated, "Rao" means "prince", and "Bahadur" means "brave" or "most honourable."

The equivalent title for Muslim and Parsi subjects was Khan Bahadur. For Sikhs it was Sardar Bahadur.

The people with Rai Sahib title, which was base level title were usually elevated to title of Rao Bahadur. Rao Bahadur could be elevated to level of Dewan Bahadur and so on.[2]

In some cases, the British gave Indians titles that no Indian had previously been awarded. These were the hereditary Barony, Baron Sinha of Raipur and several Baronetcies e.g. Cowasjee Jehangir.

Examples of people awarded the Rai/Rao/Sardar Bahadur title[edit]

  • Rai Bahadur Dr. Surenderanath Barat first Indian Civil Surgeon of Jabalpur and first President of IMA [1]

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