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Rao Raja Mitra Sen was a chandravanshi ahir and son of Rao Raja Tulsi Ram and was a ruler of Rewari. Rao Raja Mitar Sen fought against many enemies, some of them are Muslim invaders, Britishers, kachhava rulers of jaipur and shekhawats.[1]

To retaliate, the Jaipur rulers attacked Rewari in the early months of 1781 ; they were defeated by Rao Raja mitra sen and in the conflict suffered heavy losses . In 1785, a Maratha expedition to Rewari was repelled by mighty Rao's. Shortly afterwards Rao Mitra Sen died. The Marathas tried to invade again, but again suffered heavy loss by Rao raja ram singh of Rewari.[2][3]

Battle of Mandan[edit]

In V.S. 1832,A.D 1775, Rao Raja Mitra Sen and Piroo Khan Balochi, encouraged by the scattered Kaimkhanies of Jhunjhunu, invaded Shekhawati and battle was fought at Mandan.In this battle Hanuat Singh and Surajmall took part.Mitrasen Ahir was defeated and Piroo Khan Balochi was Killed.[4]

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