Shekha of Amarsar

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Maha Rao Shekha (1433–1488) was a chieftain of Nan Amarsar of Jaipur State in 15th-century India. The Shekhawati as well as Shekhawat Rajputs gets their name from him, comprising the districts of Sikar, Churu and Jhunjhunu in the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan. His father name was Rao Mokalji and his mother name was Nirban. Rao Mokalji was a chieftain who held the state of Nan Amarsar in Amber. He didn't had any children so on advice of some relative he visited to a Sufi saint named Shaikh Burhan. He prayed for a son to him. The saint blessed him and said that soon he will be blessed with a son. Rao Mokalji named his son Shekha as per him he was blessed by the saint. At the age of 12, Shekha took the responsibilities of his father and was crowned as new chieftain in 1445 CE. The ruler of Amber has adorned him with the title of Maharao. He fought 6 battles with Rao Chandrasen of Amber for separate state of Amarsar. After sixth battle Rao Chandrasen of Amber declared Shekhawati as a separate state from Jaipur. He fought many battles with his neighbors and relatives Gaur Rajputs for the pride of a women who was said to be deceived by Gaur Rajputs. The enemity ended with his death in 1488 and his son Rao Raimal succeeded him.

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