Udai Singh of Marwar

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Udai Singh
Udai Singh of Marwar.jpg
Ruler of Marwar
Reign c. 1583 – c. 1595
Coronation 4 August 1583
Predecessor Chandrasen Rathore
Successor Sur Singh
Born (1538-01-13)13 January 1538
Jodhpur, India
Died 10 July 1595(1595-07-10) (aged 57)
Lahore, Pakistan
Spouse 27 wives
Issue Sur Singh
Jagat Gosaini
Kishan Chand
Full name
Udai Singh
Dynasty Rathore
Father Maldeo Rathore
Religion Hinduism

Udai Singh (13 January 1538 – 10 July 1595), also known by the sobriquet Mota Raja (the fat king), was the Rathore ruler (reigned 1583–95) of Marwar, which was later known as Jodhpur (in the present day Rajasthan state of India).


After the death of his father Rao Maldeo on 7 November 1562 a fatricidal war for succession started and his younger brother Rao Chandra Sen crowned himself in the capital Jodhpur. But his reign was short lived as Akbar's army occupied Merta in the same year and the capital in 1563.[1] Udai Singh later joined the Mughal service.

After the death of Rao Chandrasen in January, 1581 Marwar was brought under direct Mughal administration and in August 1583, Akbar restored the throne of Marwar to Udai Singh.[1]

Kalyandas Rathore of Siwana threatened to kill both Udaisingh and Jehangir because Udai Singh had decided to marry his daughter Jagat Gosaini to Jahangir. Akbar on hearing this ordered the imperial forces to attack Kalyandas at Siwana. Kalyandas died fighting along with his men and the women of Siwana committed Jauhar.[2]


Udai Singh died in Lahore, Pakistan on 10 July 1595.[3] He was succeeded by his son Sur Singh.


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Preceded by
Rao Chandra Sen
Ruler of Marwar
Succeeded by
Sur Singh