Raohe Street Night Market

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Raohe Street Night Market
East Entrance of Raohe Street Night Market 20060118 night.jpg
LocationSongshan, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°03′00.6″N 121°34′21.5″E / 25.050167°N 121.572639°E / 25.050167; 121.572639Coordinates: 25°03′00.6″N 121°34′21.5″E / 25.050167°N 121.572639°E / 25.050167; 121.572639
EnvironmentNight market

The Raohe Street Night Market (Chinese: 饒河街觀光夜市; pinyin: Ráohé Jiē Guānguāng Yèshì) is one of the oldest night markets in Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.[1][2]


It is located on Raohe Street and is about 600 meters long.[3] The Ciyou Temple is just past the east end of the market.


The night market is accessible within walking distance north of Songshan Station of Taipei Metro. If you're coming from the blue line metro station RaoHe nightmarket is also accessible from HouShanPi MRT station via a short 5 minute walk.

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