Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha

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Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha
India map
zone of influence
FormationApril 3, 1899; 119 years ago (1899-04-03)
TypeJain religious organization
PurposeReligious, Non Profit
HeadquartersSangli, Maharashtra  India
Region served
Official language
Marathi, Kannada
Raosaheb A. Patil
Key people
Various Jains
Main organ
Pragati Ani Jinvijay
AffiliationsVarious Jain organizations

Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha (DBJS), also known as the South Indian Jain Association, is a religious and social service organization of the Jains in India. The organization is headquartered at Sangli, Maharashtra, India.[1] The association is credited with being one of the first Jain associations to start reform movements among the Jains in modern India.[2][3] The organization mainly seeks to represent the interests of the native Jains of Maharashtra (Marathi Jains), Karnataka (Kannada Jains) and Goa.


The organization was founded in 1899.[4][5] It was originally found to represent the Jains of the southern Maratha Country of the Bombay Presidency, including Kolhapur State, Belgaum and Sangli.[6] The organization was established for the socio-economic and educational betterment of the Jain community.[7] It has been credited for fostering a stronger sense of Jain identity and for ushering in social reforms in the Jain community.[8] The association sought to invest authority in lay persons rather than in ascetics, this resulted in mobilization of the community to build schools and improve education.[9]

The current president of the organization is Raosaheb A. Patil.[10][11]

Community service[edit]

The organization has been involved in securing the status of an independent and minority religion for Jainism in India.[4][12]

The organization funds various educational institutions.[13][14] They also offer scholarships to meritorious Jain students from South India.[15]

They also honor distinguished people from the Jain community annually.[11] The Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Samaj Seva Puraskar awards are given annually to notable personalities.[16] There are also awards presented for excellence in journalism.[17]


Pragati Ani Jinvijay is published by the organization as its main organ.[18] It was first published in 1902.[19] The magazine is published in Marathi and Dr. Subhash Chandra Akkole was its past editor.[20] It is published monthly from Kolhapur.[21] The noted Marathi author, Veeranuyayi Appa Bhau Magdum was a contributor to this magazine.[22]

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