Raoul II of Brienne, Count of Eu

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Raoul II of Brienne (1315 – 19 November 1350) was the son of Raoul I of Brienne, Count of Eu and Guînes and Jeanne de Mello.[1] He succeeded his father in 1344 as Count of Eu and Guînes, as well as in his post as Constable of France.[2]

In 1340, he married Catherine (d. 1388), the daughter of Louis II, Baron de Vaud. They had no children; one illegitimate son, Jean du Bois, Lord of la Maison Forte, was legitimized as Raoul's in 1395, although his actual genealogy is disputed.[a]

In 1346, he was captured in the taking of Caen by Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent.[4] In 1350, he was allowed to return to France to attempt to raise money for his ransom. Upon his arrival, he was seized and summarily executed by John II of France,[5] for reasons that remain unclear, although it was rumoured that he had pledged the English the County of Guînes for his release.


  1. ^ "If he had been Raoul's son, he would surely have been the bastard of Eu, rather than "of Brienne".[3]


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