Raoul I of Lusignan

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Raoul I of Lusignan or Raoul I de Lusignan (1160 or 1164/1165 – Acre, Palestine, 1217 or Melle, May 1, 1219) was the second son of Hugh de Lusignan, Co-Seigneur de Lusignan (c. 1141 – 1169) and the grandson of Hugh VIII.[1] He became Seigneur d'Issoudun before 1200, Count of Eu by marriage, Seigneur de Melle, de Chize, de Civray and de La Mothe. He was buried at the Priory of Fontblanche, in Exoudun.

He first married, c. 1210, Marguerite de Courtenay. They had no children and the marriage was annulled sometime before 1213.

In September 1213, he married Alix d'Eu, 8th Countess of Eu and 4th Lady of Hastings (c. 1191 – La Mothe-Saint-Heray, Poitou, May 14 or 15, 1246).[2] They had:


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