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Raoul Nehme (Arabic: راوول نعمة‎; born 1956) is the Lebanese minister of economy and trade.


Nehme went to school at Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour and studied in France at Ecole polytechnique (engineering with a major in economics) and Mines ParisTech (engineering with a major in scientific management).[1] He is a part of the Greek-Catholic community.


In January 2020, he was appointed minister of economy and trade by Prime Minister Hassan Diab. He joined the government under the Free Patriotic Movement ticket, though he is not a member of this party himself.

Prior to his appointment in the government, he worked in the banking industry. He has had experience handling several establishment in crisis:

  • BLC bank (Lebanon) board member (2008–2015) and general manager (2010-2015), after it was put in receivership by the BDL due to mismanagement
  • T-bank (Turkey) chairman of the board,[2] brought in after the latter was severely affected by the economic crisis.
  • AstroBank (Cyprus) chairman of the executive committee[citation needed] (2017–present). He was also a board member on USB bank, a predecessor entity to AstroBank.
  • Bank Med (Lebanon) executive general manager[1] (June 2018 – Jan 2020).

He is the president and co-founder of NGO Jouzour Lebanon[3] (roots of Lebanon), an environmental NGO dedicated to reforestation.

Minister of Economy[edit]

His nomination as minister of economy came as Lebanon was experiencing a double political and economic crisis that resulted in a default[4] on March 9, 2020. The general situation was further complicated by the coincident COVID-19 pandemic. As minister of economy, Nehme introduced measures to protect the consumer by limiting abusive price increases,[5] banning exportation of critical medical equipment[6] and implementing measures to mitigate the propagating of the SARS-CoV-2.[7]


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