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Rapala VMC Oyj
Nasdaq HelsinkiRAP1V
Founded1936; 85 years ago (1936) in Finland
FounderLauri Rapala
Area served
Key people
Jussi Ristimäki (CEO)
Louis Audemard D’Alançon (Chairman)
ProductsFishing lures, tools, knives, clothing and accessories
Number of employees
2,772[1] (2018)

Rapala (/ˈræpəlɑː/ RAP-ə-lah)[2] is an manufacturer fishing lures and other fishing related products. It was founded in Finland in 1936 by Lauri Rapala, who is credited for creating the world' first floating minnow lure carved from cork with a shoemaker's knife, covered with chocolate candy bar wrappers and melted photography film negatives for a protective outer coating. He created the lure in order to try and catch a pike. The floating minnow lure later went on to become the first Rapala lure once the company was created.

The company produces a similar lure today, with construction of the lure remaining "not much different" from how they are built today although the core is made from balsa wood instead of cork and covered with paint and lacquer. The original floating minnow, now called the No. 9 floater, is the company's most popular lure.[3][4]

Rapala's lures are considered some of the world's leading baits and sold in 140 countries[3] with Field & Stream ranking Rapala's Original Floating Minnow the 3rd of the "best topwater lures ever created" in 2019.[5]

Rapala's American subsidiary, Rapala USA, is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.[6] Design and development teams in the US and Finland work together to develop new lures or modify existing ones for changes in fishing tackle. The company still follows Lauri Rapala's practice of hand-testing each lure produced to make sure it performs as intended.[4] Their products are sold consumer-direct via eCommerce as well as through retailers including Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's in the United States.[6]

Rapala owns a 49 percent stake in 13 Fishing, has exclusive rights to the Okuma fishing brand in Europe and Russia[7] and sponsors a number of professional fishermen.[8][9][10][11]

For the period of July-December 2020, the company's operating profit increased to 17.3 million Euro, compared to the previous year's 5.8 million Euro, which it attributes to the COVID-19 pandemic.[12]

Product lines[edit]

Products made by Rapala include include fishing lures, crankbaits, jigging lures, lipless crankbaits, surface poppers, filet knives, fishing rods, reels, braided fishing line, fishing and hunting knives, apparel and other fishing related products.

Company timeline[edit]

  • 1936 – First lure carved out of cork by Lauri Rapala
  • 1959 – Normark established, begins distributing Rapala lures in U.S.[13]
  • 1962 – Life publishes article on Rapala. The issue it appeared in featured a retrospective on the recently deceased Marilyn Monroe and proved to have the highest circulation in the magazine's history. As such, Rapala's article gave it enough exposure for it to receive two million orders for lures, overwhelming its company staff of two.[14]
  • 1998 – Normark Corporation goes public
  • 2017 - Rapala Fishing Pro Series Xbox One and Playstation 4 video games launched.[15][16]

Popular lures[edit]

Various lures manufactured by Rapala

Some top-running lures (3 feet or shallower) that they make include

  • Skitter Pop
  • Skitter Prop
  • Skitter Walk
  • Jigging Shad Rap
  • Jigging Rap

Some Medium diving (about 3–10 feet) lures may include

  • Original Floater
  • Twitchin' Rap
  • Long Cast Minnow
  • Many Rapala fishing lures
    Scatter Rap Minnow
  • Scatter Rap Countdown

Some Deep diving Lures (10 feet or deeper) may include

  • Magnum
  • Down Deep Husky Jerk
  • Scatter Rap Crank Deep
  • Scatter Rap Crank

Product recalls[edit]

In January of 2021, Rapala USA recalled 128,000 battery-operated fillet knives manufactured between 2011 and 2018 due to 12 reports of fires caused by charging their batteries with chargers not manufactured by Rapala.[6]


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