Raphael Patkanian

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Raphael Patkanian
Born(1830-11-08)8 November 1830
Nor Nakhichevan, Russian Empire
Died22 August 1892(1892-08-22) (aged 61)
Pen nameKamar Katiba
Patkanyan's (left) and Nalbandyan's graves in Nor Nakhijevan

Raphael Patkanian (Armenian: Ռափայել Պատկանյան, also known as Kamar Katiba; 8 November 1830 – 22 August 1892) was one of the most popular Armenian poets.[1][2]


Patkanian was born in Nor Nakhichevan, Russia in 1830. His father and grandfather had been known for their poetic gifts. While at the University of Moscow, he created a literary club for his Armenian students, and from initials of their names formed his own pen-name of Kamar Katiba. Many of his poems were written during the Turco-Russian war, when the Russian Armenians had high hopes for the deliverance of Turkish Armenia from Ottoman rule. Patkanian died in 1892, after forty-two years of his continuous activity, as a teacher, author, and editor. His hopes and ambitions can be seen in his works especially in the poem "Araqs" named after the river Araks.


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