Rapid Support Forces (Sudan)

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Rapid Support Forces
Seal of the National Intelligence and Security Service.svg
Founded August 2013
Country  Sudan
Allegiance Sudan Government of Sudan
Type Paramilitary
Part of NISS
NISS Director Muhammad al-Atta Fadl al-Mula
RSF Commander Maj. Gen. Abbas Abdulaziz

The Rapid Support Forces (Arabic: قوات الدعم السريع‎) are Sudanese paramilitary forces operated by the Sudanese Government. For technical and administrative purposes the RSF are administered by the National Intelligence and Security Service, although during military operations they are commanded by the Sudanese Armed Forces.[1] The current commander of the RSF is Maj. Gen. Abbas Abdulaziz.[2]


The RSF has its roots in the Janjaweed militias used by the Sudanese Government in its attempts to fight the anti-government insurgency during the War in Darfur. The RSF was officially formed in August 2013 under the command of the NISS, following a restructuring and reactivation of Janjaweed militias in order to combat rebel groups in Darfur region, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile states, following joint attacks by Sudanese Revolutionary Front rebels in North and South Kordofan in April 2013.[3]

The RSF is also deployed to patrol the border with Libya and round up Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees in response to the Khartoum Process, which is an initiative between European and African states, including Sudan, to stem the flow of migrants to Europe.[4]



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