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Montreal Metro's De La Concorde station, one of the newest stations on Montreal's network.

Rapid transit in Canada entails heavy rail and bus systems on dedicated rights-of-ways in Canadian urban areas. There are three urban rail rapid transit systems operating in Canada. The first such system, the Toronto subway, was a 12-station line opened in 1954 by the Toronto Transportation Commission (now the Toronto Transit Commission, TTC).[1] It has since grown to encompass three heavy rail lines and one intermediate rail line. Montreal later introduced the Montreal Metro in 1966, though there were plans to build a rapid transit system since 1902.[2] The Vancouver SkyTrain—an intermediate-rail, automated guided line—was opened in January 1986 for the Expo 86 world fair.[3]

There are several bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in the country, and the BRT component of the Ion system in Kitchener-Waterloo commenced construction in 2014.[4][5][6]

Separately, several Canadian cities run light rail systems.

Rail rapid transit[edit]

Rail rapid transit in Canada
Location Transit Daily
(Q4 2014)[7]
Flag of Quebec.svg Montreal, Quebec Montreal Metro 1,263,800 69.2 68
Flag of Ontario.svg Toronto, Ontario Toronto subway and RT 1,093,300 68.3 69
Flag of British Columbia.svg Vancouver, British Columbia SkyTrain 390,600 68.6 47

Bus rapid transit[edit]

Bus rapid transit in Canada
Location Transit Daily
Stations Expansion
Flag of Ontario.svg Ottawa, Ontario Ottawa Bus Rapid Transit 220,000 (2013)[8] 35.4 57
Flag of Manitoba.svg Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg RT 166,000[9] 3.6 4 2019
Flag of British Columbia.svg Vancouver, British Columbia 99 B-Line, 97 B-Line, 96 B-Line 100,000[9] 27.0 14
Flag of Ontario.svg York Region, Ontario Viva Rapid Transit 35,300[9] 68.3 69 Ongoing
Flag of Ontario.svg Brampton, Ontario Züm 7,500[9] 28 35
Flag of Quebec.svg Gatineau, Quebec Rapibus 12 10 Ongoing

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