Rapider Than Horsepower

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Rapider Than Horsepower
Origin United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2004-Present
Labels NeonBoombox
Website http://rapiderthanhorsepower.com

Rapider Than Horsepower is an indie rock band from Indiana, United States.[1] Rapider Than Horsepower’s ouvre is most easily recognized by their singer’s transcendently nasal quality. Where The Mae Shi (with whom they shared a split EP), Fat Day or Half Japanese snap, RTH’s brand of geek-rock buckles; they lie at a crossroads between nerdy noise rock and spazz pop, bizarre funk and bizarre-er power balladry.


  • "Tour CD-r"
  • "Do Not Ignore the Potential"
  • "Rapider Than the World"
  • "What's Our Visibility?"
  • "This Is My Big Night"
  • "Stage Fright Stage Fright"
  • "Demo"


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