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Studio album by Lord T & Eloise
Released August 17, 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Crunk
Length 70:00
Label Young Ave. Records
Lord T & Eloise chronology
Chairmen of the Bored

Rapocalypse is the third album by crunk rap group Lord T & Eloise, released in 2010 by Young Avenue Records.

Album information[edit]

"Rapocalypse" is the third full-length album of Memphis rap/hip-hop group and self-proclaimed "intergalactic time travelers", Lord T & Eloise. The high concept, 24-track album invites listeners to enter the duo's time machine and travel with them to the near future to see what is truly in store for humanity. Lord T & Eloise tout "Rapocalypse" as the first legitimate account of human time travel and the future.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Lord T & Eloise.

No. Title Music Length
1. "Instruction of Duty"    
2. "Ch-Ching"    
3. "舞會 - Wu Hui"   3:15
4. "Gentleman Please"    
5. "Deplane"    
6. "Unfairionaire"    
7. "White Collar Prison"    
8. "Time Machine"    
9. "Deep Hole"    
10. "Easy" feat. dj Witnesse  
11. "Future Suit"    
12. "Splurge"    
13. "Enter Mission"    
14. "Robot Lover" feat. Ify  
15. "Worm Hole"    
16. "Polly Miles" feat. Total Savage  
17. "Call the Hit Off"    
18. "My Party" feat. Teddie Roosevelt  
19. "My Poochie"    
20. "The Microwave"    
21. "Burlesque Show" feat. Al Kapone  
22. "Eulogy for the Industry"    
23. "Rapocalypse" feat. Teflon Don  
24. "American Dream" feat. Jim Dandy  

Guest Artists
Jim Dandy, Al Kapone, dj Witnesse, Total Savage, Ify, Teflon Don, Michael Ching, Teddie Roosevelt, Biggs Strings

Guest Producers & Performers
Big Yo, Premo D’Anger, The Volunteerz, E.J. Friedman, DJ Charlie White, Bryan Vaux, Armani Leopold