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Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Location of Raposos within Minas Gerais
Location of Raposos within Minas Gerais
Coordinates: 19°58′01″S 43°48′14″W / 19.96694°S 43.80389°W / -19.96694; -43.80389Coordinates: 19°58′01″S 43°48′14″W / 19.96694°S 43.80389°W / -19.96694; -43.80389
StateMinas Gerais

Raposos is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais. The city belongs to the mesoregion Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte and to the microregion of Belo Horizonte.


The municipality contains the Raposos gold mines opened by the Saint John d'El Rey Mining Company around 1910. As of 1955 the main lodes were the Espiritu Santo, Mina Grande and Espiritu West, which were connected by underground workings and had reached a depth of about 640 metres (2,100 ft).[1] At the end of 1955 the Raposos mines had total reserves of 1,694,080 metric tons of ore with an average of 9.5 grams of gold per ton.[2]

The municipality contains about 10% of the 31,270 hectares (77,300 acres) Serra do Gandarela National Park, created in 2014.[3]

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