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Rapp and Rapp
IndustryArchitectural Design
    • Cornelius Ward Rapp
    • George Leslie Rapp
The Paramount Building in Times Square, designed by Rapp & Rapp

The architectural firm Rapp and Rapp was active in Chicago, Illinois during the early 20th century. Brothers Cornelius Ward Rapp (1861–1926) and George Leslie Rapp (1878–1941) of Carbondale, Illinois were the named partners and 1899 alumni of the University of Illinois School of Architecture.

A third brother, Isaac Rapp, was also a well-known architect, primarily in Colorado and New Mexico. The firm is well known as one of the leading designers of early 20th century movie palaces. It designed over 400 theatres, including the Five Flags Theater, Dubuque, Iowa (1910), the Chicago Theatre (1921), Bismarck Hotel and Theatre (1926), Oriental Theater, Chicago (1926), and the Paramount Theatres in New York (1926) and Aurora (1931). If murals were to be included in the interior design look, Louis Grell of Chicago was commissioned to paint them.


Some of the notable buildings that the firm designed include:

Chicago, Illinois[edit]

Other areas[edit]

Aurora, Illinois
Baraboo, Wisconsin
Denver, Colorado
Champaign, Illinois
Joliet, Illinois
Davenport, Iowa
Sioux City, Iowa
Wichita, Kansas
  • Miller Theater 1922-1972
Ashland, Kentucky
Detroit, Michigan
Kansas City, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Jersey City, New Jersey
Buffalo, New York
Middletown, New York
New York City
Cincinnati, Ohio
  • St. Francis Hospital
Cleveland, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio
Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Akdar Theatre 1922-1964
Portland, Oregon
Erie, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Providence, Rhode Island
Mitchell, South Dakota
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Charlottesville, Virginia
Seattle, Washington
Madison, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Gateway Theatre - now the Rhode Center for the Arts
Racine, Wisconsin
  • RKO Main Street Theatre
Streator, Illinois
  • The Majestic Theatre


  1. ^ At La Salle Street / Randolph Street / Wells Street. The German architect Albert Eitel worked together with Rapp and Rapp at the facade design and was responsible for the interior design of the hotel. House builders were Emil, Karl and Otto K. Eitel stemming from Germany. See: New Bismarck-Hotel in Chicago. Moderne deutsche Einrichtungskunst in Amerika. In: Innendekoration 38.1927, Seite 254-272.
  2. ^ Virgin Hotel Phorio

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