Ras Ajdir

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Ras Ajdir

راس اجدير
Ras Ajdir is located in Libya
Ras Ajdir
Ras Ajdir
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 33°08′53″N 11°33′59″E / 33.1481°N 11.5663°E / 33.1481; 11.5663Coordinates: 33°08′53″N 11°33′59″E / 33.1481°N 11.5663°E / 33.1481; 11.5663
Country Libya
DistrictNuqat al Khams
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)

Ras Ajdir, alternatively Ras Jdir or Ras Ejder (Arabic: راس اجدير‎), is a small coastal town on the border between Tunisia and Libya and Libya's most northerly point.


It is the site of an experimental station for wind and solar power for desalination.[1][2]


The town is a major transport hub and border crossing, for trade by road between Tunisia and Libya. From 15 February – 15 March 2007, 21,758 foreigners entered and 8,112 left through Ras Ajdir.[3]

Ras Ajdir is a likely border station on the new Libyan Railways line, which is under construction in 2007. An agreement has been signed for a link to Tunisian Railways. The nearest Tunisian railhead, albeit of 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in), is at Gabès.

Libyan civil war[edit]

In 2011, during the Libyan Civil War, rebel forces attempted to take control of the crossing from loyalist forces.[4] On 27 August, the border town was secured by the National Transitional Council forces.

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