Ras Rumman

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Ras Rumman
رأس الرمان
Ras Rumman is located in Bahrain
Ras Rumman
Ras Rumman
Location in Bahrain
Coordinates: 26°14′13″N 50°35′6″E / 26.23694°N 50.58500°E / 26.23694; 50.58500Coordinates: 26°14′13″N 50°35′6″E / 26.23694°N 50.58500°E / 26.23694; 50.58500
Country Bahrain
Governorate Capital Governorate

Ras Rumman (Arabic: رأس الرمان‎‎) is a neighborhood of Manama in Bahrain. Historically it was a separate village of its own, however with the expansion of Manama, it became incorporated into the capital city as one of its neighbourhoods. It lies to the east of the Manama Souq and roughly south of the Diplomatic Area. It has traditionally had an identity with a tradition of Pomegranate cultivation. The Name Ras Rumman translates to "Head of Pomegrante" this was related to the large fields starting Ras Rumman and ending near Budaiya.The British Embassy of Bahrain is located in Ras Rumman. It also contains the Ras Rumman Mosque.