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Ras al-Jinz (رأس الجنز) located in Oman, is the easternmost point of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a nesting site for green turtles, as also is the beach at the local village of Ras al Hadd.[1][2] It is home to the famous 'RAS AL JINZ TURTLE RESERVE'.


  1. ^ Oman: a MEED practical guide John Whelan - 1984 "Five species occur: the loggerhead, green, hawksbill, Olive Ridley and leather-back turtles. Of these, two species commonly breed in Oman — the loggerhead in Masirah, and the green turtle on the beaches of Ras al-Hadd."
  2. ^ Oman, 2nd: The Bradt Travel Guide - Page 239 Diana Darke, Sandra Shields - 2010 "The beaches of Ras Al Hadd and Ras Al Jinz provide nesting grounds for an estimated 20,000 turtles each year that migrate from as far as the Red Sea and the East African coast. Turtles can be seen virtually year round, but September to "

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Coordinates: 22°25′26″N 59°50′19″E / 22.4238°N 59.8385°E / 22.4238; 59.8385