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Rasaratna Samuccaya, also known as Rasaratna Samuchchaya (Sanskrit: रसरत्न समुच्चय), is a scientific text written during the Tantric period in India. The text contains detailed descriptions of various complex metallurgical processes.[1][2]


Among the diverse scientific content of this text is:[3]

  • Systematic approach to the Science. (Rasaratna Samuccaya 6/2)
  • Philosophy of scientific explanation.
  • Two kinds of mineral is zinc: Calamine and Smithsonite. (Rasaratna Samuccaya 2-149)
  • Color and nature of the mineral. ('Artha-sastra' '2 -30)
  • Color of minerals copper.
  • Properties of some chemicals, such as calcium carbonate. (Rasaratna Samuccaya 3 / 130-131)
  • Distillation of mercury. (Rasaratna Samucchaya 3/144)
  • Explanation of the corrosion (Rasārṇava 7/97)
  • The color of the flame (Rasārṇava 4/51)
  • Three types of iron (Rasaratna Samuccaya 5/69)
  • Two kinds of tin (Rasaratna Samuccaya 5 / 153-154)
  • The lead (Rasaratna Samuccaya 5/170)
  • The zinc metal (Rasataraṅgiṇi 19/95)
  • The brass (Rasendra Cūḍāmaṇi14 / 154)
  • The bronze (Rasaratna Samuccaya 5/205)
  • Conditions of a laboratory and the people who work within it.


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