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Raschera fetta.jpg
Country of origin Italy
Region, town Piedmont
Region Cuneo
Source of milk Cow
Pasteurized Raw or Pasteurized
Texture semi-hard elastic
Fat content 43% to 53%
Protein content 43% to 53%
Dimensions 30–40 cm (12–16 in) cylinder or 40 cm (16 in) square
Weight 7 to 9 kg (15 to 20 lb)
Aging time 30 days or more
Certification PDO

Raschera is an Italian pressed semi-fat, semi-hard cheese made with partly skimmed raw or pasteurized cow milk, to which a small amount of sheep's and/or goat's milk may be added. It has an ivory white color inside with irregularly spaced small eyes, and a semi-hard rind which is red gray sometimes with yellow highlights. It has a savory and salty taste, similar to Muenster cheese, and can be moderately sharp if the cheese has been aged.

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