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Rasheed Richmond is an American internet entrepreneur, political fundraiser, and social media expert. As a managing partner with Ryan Leslie in the NextSelection Lifestyle Group,[1][2] he became an acclaimed online marketer after his successful viral marketing campaign for the recording artist Cassie[3][4][5] and online fundraising for President Barack Obama.[6]


Rasheed grew up near Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. The only boy of five children, his father, Dr. Leon F. Richmond,[7] practiced medicine for over 30 years in Oakland, CA.

Richmond attended the University of California, Irvine and ran track & field[8] while completing a degree in economics.

After graduation, he worked at Johnson & Johnson[9] before resigning to launch one of the first college social networks sites Collegester.com.[10][11] With the success of The Facebook, Richmond turned his attention to concentrate on building a text link ad network he later named Advertise U![12][13] a division of Rasheed Richmond Enterprises, Inc.

New media marketing[edit]

Richmond came to prominence in his partnership with Ryan Leslie and their success in breaking the first musical artist online via MySpace and YouTube. Cassie's sudden fame quickly pointed the spotlight on the innovative new media marketing strategies employed by Richmond and Leslie.[14][15][16]

These same techniques were utilized in a fundraising campaign for President Barack Obama that raised $109,769 across 798 donors.[17]

Personal life[edit]

The entrepreneurial spirit has led Richmond to travel to many countries and develop a passion for nightlife[18][19] and photography.[20][21][22][23] Richmond has shot many Hollywood actors and actresses including James Preston[24] and Kristina Shannon.[25]

He resides in Pacific Palisades, CA[26] and has mentored many new recording artists including Krys Ivory[27][28] and Royalty.[29][30]


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