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Dr A R Kausar

A R Kausar (born April 8, 1948), is a well known Professor of Knowledge Management and Academic Administrator in Pakistan.

Early life[edit]

Dr. Kausar was born in Punjab, Pakistan. He enrolled at Karachi University in 1970, and completed Bachelor of Science (Hons) securing Gold Medal.Thereafter, Dr. Kausar was awarded assistantship from Michigan State University, USA in 1973 for PhD. He earned his PhD in 1978. He then joined Ohio State University, USA and served as Assistant Professor and Researcher. Later, He became a Certified Quality Lead Auditor from BSI, UK. He has also attended professional faculty development courses at Harvard (USA), MIT(USA), UTS (AU) and NUS/NTU(Singapore) and has also participated in Master Class on Knowledge Management led by Prof Sveiby in Sydney, Australia.

Professional life[edit]

Dr. Kausar's teaching, training and learning interests are in development of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Based Systems, Kmunity Systems, Virtual Professional Development System, and Leading / Managing the Arts and Science of Knowledge Based Work. Dr. Kausar is a world class trainer in inspiring Knowledge Workers.

Prior to joining University of Management and Technology (UMT), as a founding Dean of Business School, Dr. Kausar has been the Founding Director, Center for Emerging Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore.

At UMT, he has served two tenures as Pro Rector. During his tenure as Pro Rector, UMT ranking, students intake, quality of curriculum and administrative processes improved. He is currently serving as Advisor, UMT.

As the Pro Rector, Dr. Kausar successfully negotiated for educational development programs and research collaborations with Multimedia University (Malaysia), IESE (Spain),University of Technology, Sydney (Australia) and Eastern Michigan University (USA). He has participated in many national and international conferences. UMT was also represented by Dr Kausar through his invited presentation in 7th ASHRM Conference on Innovation as the Powerful Engine of Human Resources in Dubai, UAE and through conducting one-day workshop on Cross Cultural Negotiations at University Utara, Malaysia.

Dr Kausar is a key member of Higher Education Commission (HEC)/NBEAC strategic team. He is involved in accrediations, nationwide educational policies development, quality control and research grants. He works closely on HEC projects with senior professors from LUMS, IBA Karachi, LSE, FAST, NUST and other leading institutions of Pakistan.

Dr. Kausar is also an adviser of Human Capital Development at a CMMI Level 5 ICT company in Pakistan

Dr Kausar has been publishing in Journal of Knowledge Management. He has been teaching to MBA classes, the courses on Knowledge Management, Organization Behavior and Business Intelligence. His recent research is in areas of Human Capital Management and Intellectual Capital. Dr. Kausar has also got video recorded (135 hours) courses on Management ( General, Quality and Knowledge) for BBA and MBA students of Virtual University at Pakistan.


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