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Rashomon, Rashōmon or Rajōmon may refer to:


  • Rajōmon can refer to either of two city gates, one in Nara and the other in Kyoto. Kurosawa's Rashomon is named after the Kyoto gate.
  • Rashōmon (stalactite) (ja) a cave feature in Niimi


  • Rashōmon (1911 film) - featuring Matsunosuke Onoe, one of nearly 1,000 films this actor made in 3 years
  • Rashomon (film), a 1950 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa, based on two stories by Akutagawa



  • Rashōmon (Noh play) (c.1420), a famous Noh play about a man ascending the gate to find a demon
  • Rashomon (play), a 1959 English-language play written by Fay Kanin and Michael Kanin, based on the film.
  • Rashomon (Thai play) a 1973 Thai-language play composed by the famous Thai writer and politician Kukrit Pramoj, based on Kurosawa's film
  • Rashomon (opera), a 1996 English-language chamber opera by Argentine composer Alejandro Viñao, based on Kurosawa's film


  • "Rashōmon" (short story), a short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa first published in 1915
  • Rashomon Gate: A Mystery of Ancient Japan, a 2002 novel written by I. J. Parker
  • Police Station Rashōmon (ja) manga by Masao Yajima and Akira Nakayama, and then a TV drama based on it



  • Rashōmon (sake) (ja) a Japanese sake brand from Wakayama