Rashtraudha Kavya

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Rashtraudha Kavya is a laudatory text written during the time of king Narayana of Mayuragiri (Baglana) in Maharashtra, a ruler of Rathore or Rashtraudha lineage. It was composed by poet Rudrakavi in 1596.

The Rashtraudha line emerged in the 13th century and continued until 1640. Among the 96 Maratha clans, the Rathod clan has a branch called "Bagul". They are the descendants of the rulers of Baglana.

The Rashtraudha Kavya links the Baglana clan to the Rathor rulers of Jodhpur and Jaichand of Kannauj. A similar account is given in Ain-i-Akbari of Abul Fazl.


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