Rashtriya Sanskrit Model Senior Secondary School

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Rashtriya Sanskrit Model Senior Secondary School
Type Senior Secondary School
Established 1956
Location Ishmeet Chowk, Ludhiana, Punjab

R.S. Model Sr. Sec. School

RS Model
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'Rashtriya Sanskrit Model Senior Secondary School' (R.S. Model Sr. Sec. School) was founded in 1956. Its main aim was protection of the dying Indian Language Sanskrit and for serving Sanskrit. This is where the name Rashtriya Sanskrit comes from. In beginning it was a primary school, affiliated with the Punjab School Education Board’s syllabus. After three years, in 1959, it was upgraded to a Middle School. Finally recognized in year 1964 and upgraded to a High School the very next year in 1965. On April 1, 1976 it got permanent recognition . So it got its new name Rashtriya Sanskrit Model High School. It is now a Punjab School Education Board aided school. Earlier it was located in Arya Samaj Mandir, but In October 1979 it was shifted to present location.


Mr Mohan Lal Kalra (Current) has won the Best Teacher Award at national level in 1999 and received it from the President of India, Mr K. R. Narayanan. Mr Kalra has written a book on mathematics. He is mathematics teacher in R.S. Model School and he still takes teaching classes .

Previous principal Mr Mangat Ram Mehta later joined B.C.M. Arya Model Sr. Sec. School (which is another school from Management Committee ) as a principal after retirement from RS Model. He is the first teacher of R.S. Model who received national level award of Best Teacher from the President of India. The whole life he used to go to school on bicycle. Now in 2012 he is Education Adviser of the Management Committee.


R.S. Model Sr. Sec. School provide classes from pre nursery to 12 standard. In Last century,12 standard was only available for the Girls and 10th standard was highest level for boys but in earlier of first decade of this century, school introduced Arts Subjects as co-ed.





Social studies

Physical Education


Satyarth prakash based four tests held every year.

Morning Assembly, it starts with shanti mantra then one of Bhajan, kirtan or Indian National Song and Indian National Anthem Jana Gana Mana. After praying Physical Training on School's band rhythm. Lastly, Principal share some words with everyone, sometime teachers and students also take part in this.

Lectures and Debates for improving general knowledge and confidence of students.

Brass Band RS Model Boy's Brass Band play daily before and after the morning prayer when students march towards the prayer ground and after praying they go to class for studying. School's Band also participate in band competition.

NCC- National Cadet Core are very active in every field of them. It was started in 2012. R.S.Model. Sr.Sec. School won many prizes in NCC field.

Scouts and Girl Guides are very active in every field of them. School participate at every front of Scouts and Guides. Every year many students win national award for their services as Scouts and Guides.

Singing and Writing is also very active throughout the year. School has Music class and a history of student who wrote lyrics of beautiful poems and songs.

Tree planting, Ranagoli and many more activities in which RS model made a number of appearance in newspapers.

Riya Garg is the topper in 2014 10th Board exam she got the 635 marks out of 650 and also Mahima Nagpal from this school secure the 2nd Position with 632 Marks again one Jannatpreet Kaur secure 630 marks and place on third position with another 3 students, So we can say that top 3 merit this year by Rashatriya Sanskrit Model Senior Secondary School.