Rasmancha, Bishnupur

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Rasmancha Arnab Dutta 2011.JPG
Rasmancha, Bishnupur
General information
Architectural style Pyramid, Bengali Chala Architecture.
Town or city Bishnupur
Country West Bengal, India
Current tenants Archaeological Survey of India
Completed 1600 CE
Cost unknown
Client Bir Hambir
Design and construction
Engineer unknown

The Rasmancha (Bengali: রাসমঞ্চ; Raasmoncho) is a historical building located at Bishnupur, Bankura district, West Bengal, India. It was commissioned by Mallabhum king Hambir Malla Dev (Bir Hambir) in 1600 CE.[1] Length and breadth of this temple is 24.5 meter and the height is 12.5 meter. The base or altar of the temple is made of laterite stone and upper part is made with bricks. Upper structure looks like a pyramid. Middle part resembles Bengali huts and the arches of the lower part resembles Islamic architecture. During the Vaishnava Ras festival, all the Radha Krishna idols of Bishnupur town used to be brought here to be worshipped by the citizens.[1] The annual festival was held till 1932 and then it was stopped.


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