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Rasmus Andersen's portrait of Tietgen at Sankt Annæ Plads in Copenhagen

Rasmus Morten Andersen (25 September 1861 – 28 February 1930) was a Danish sculptor. He is mainly known for his naturalistic portraits.


Rasmus Andersen was born at Ørting near Horsens where he later trained as a wood carver.[1] He attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1877 to 1884 and trained to become a sculptor at Wilhelm Bissen's studio. He worked as a conservator at the Art Academy's cast collection until 1905 and at Thorvaldsens Museum from 1893 until his death.[2]

He executed many portraits of prominent Danes, both statues and busts.

Selected works[edit]

Works include:[3]



  • Hans Krüger (1884, Ribe)
  • Th. Stein (1890, bronze for Frederiksborg Museum, marble 1903 for Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek)
  • H.A. Brendekilde (plaster 1901, Fyns Kunstmus.)
  • Frederik VIII (marble 1908, Frederiksborg Museum)
  • Wilhelm Wiehe (marble 1924, Royal Danish Theatre, original model in Teatermus.)
  • Christian X (DFDS.)
  • C.T. Barfoed (Landbohøjsk.)
  • H.V. Stockfleth (Landbohøjsk.)
  • E. Rostrup (Landbohøjsk)
  • T. Westermann (Landbohøjsk)
  • Otto Vaupell (Kolding Slotsbanke)
  • W. Johannsen (Botanisk Lab.)
  • Chr. Berg (Bogø)
  • Ludvig Schrøder


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