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Rasmus Højengaard (Hoejengaard) (born 1976) was the Game director of the video game Hitman Blood Money, developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive and released in early summer 2006. Until October 2013 he was working as Director of Creative Development at Crytek, on franchises such as Crysis, Ryse and Warface.


Rasmus was born in 1976, is of partly Swedish descent but grew up in the Copenhagen suburb of Hørsholm - in the same community as Jesper Kyd (composer of the Hitman soundtracks), with whom he later on had a working relation during the development of Hitman Blood Money.

Rasmus started out as a 3D animator, doing effects for films and commercials, before turning to the game industry in 2000.

Hitman Blood Money was simultaneously released on PC, Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360 and was the first "next generation" game released by IO Interactive.

When the weapon sounds were recorded for Hitman Blood Money, the team arranged to use the weapons collection at "Tøjhusmuseet" which is a large Danish collection of old and contemporary military equipment. All cocking and re-loading sounds were recorded from their original counterparts.

Hitman Blood Money was nominated for 3 Bafta Video Game Awards for "Game Sponsored by PC World", "Artistic Achievement" and "Best Characters".

Rasmus Højengaard has also been credited for work on several other games, including Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Freedom Fighters and Hitman: Contracts.

The Hitman (2007 film) that was released in 2007 is based on the main character of the Hitman games, Agent 47. The Franz Schubert music piece used in the movie's introduction is directly derived from the game that also uses it (although in another version) for the game's introduction movie.

During late 2006 and first half of 2007, Rasmus Højengaard worked as Head of Design for C4-world A/S [1]. Here he led the design of the controversial investment platform MyC4 that was developed to create a creative and inspiring platform on which people can invest, debate and network within the fields of business and entrepreneurship in emerging countries. The platform uses gaming principles to create stickyness and has a very contemporary take on "charity" [2].

until 2010 Rasmus Højengaard worked as Executive Producer in an LA based Movie Production Company Saboteur Inc [3]. The company furthermore consists of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Industrial Light & Magic Visual Effects Supervisor Ivo Horvat [4] and Director Peter Gornstein [5].

In November 2010 Rasmus became Game Director on Crytek's 'Codename: Kingdoms' [6] [7]. The game leter moved away from the Budapest Crytek office and continued its development in the Frankfurt HQ. Here Rasmus got promoted to Director of Creative Development and oversaw the productions of both RYSE: Son of Rome (prev. Codename: Kingdoms) and Crysis 3. RYSE: Son of Rome is a launch title for the Xbox One platform and got a lot of praise for its visuals and story - a story which Rasmus co-wrote together with Steven Hall (lead writer) and Peter Gornstein (Director of Cinematics) [8].

As of October 2013, Rasmus works as Chief Creative Officer in the Copenhagen-based company Brain+ (www.brain-plus.com) - a company he has also co-founded.

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