Rasmus Refer

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Rasmus Refer
Born January 18, 1970
Copenhagen, Denmark
Known for founding Masterseek
Website www.Masterseek.com

Rasmus Refer (born January 18, 1970) is a Danish entrepreneur and business owner best known for founding the B2B search engine Masterseek.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Refer was born on January 18, 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark into a family of designers.[1] As a young businessman, he worked in the IT business world.[1]


Early on, Refer became an early developer of advanced web-crawler software, used to collect and index data from the internet. This made possible a variety of B2B applications. He founded and developed the B2B search engine Masterseek in 1999.[1][3] He continues to serve as the company's President. In 2008, Refer bought the defunct search engine Accoona, integrating it with Masterseek.[4][5][6][7]

Refer has been through several bankruptcies, of companies he has managed as well as a personal bankruptcy.[8]

In 2010 Refer announced working on WikiBusiness.org, of which a beta version was to be launched that same Summer. [9] [10]


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