Rasos de Peguera

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The ski station

Rasos de Peguera is a ski resort located near Berga, in Catalonia(Spain), currently out of service.[1]

The Catalan government has pledged to help the resort, as it does with others, to begin the modernization and implementation of the complex, if a private initiative leads the project. The project includes the creation of a wildlife park in the area of Raset, an area of cross-country skiing, and modernization of the existing Alpine Ski zone.[2]

Rasos de Peguera was the first place for skiing in Catalonia, and in 2008 was celebrated the centenary of the famous trip to the Sanctuary of Corbera, an initiative of the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya (ca) and the Catalan Federation of Winter Sports.


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Coordinates: 42°8′32″N 1°45′45″E / 42.14222°N 1.76250°E / 42.14222; 1.76250