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Rasoun is located in Jordan
Location in Jordan
Coordinates: 32°23′57″N 35°45′30″E / 32.39917°N 35.75833°E / 32.39917; 35.75833
CountryFlag of Jordan.svg Jordan
GovernorateAjloun Governorate
 • Total2,586
Time zoneUTC + 2

Coordinates: 32°23′57″N 35°45′30″E / 32.39917°N 35.75833°E / 32.39917; 35.75833

Rasoun Village is located in the Ajloun Governorate in northern Jordan. It is known as a beautiful tourist area in Jordan and is characterized by nature scenery. It is approximately 8 kilometers from Ajloun via a road characterized by green mountains and perennial trees. The village has received aid through programs initiated by Queen Rania of Jordan. These programs aimed to improve the village infrastructure and encourage tourism.


Rasoun is surrounded by wooded mountains and caves that provide opportunities for climbing and exploration. The village is situated below the Ajloun Forest Reserve.

Rasoun is also on the Abraham Path, a tourist venture designed to create walking paths following sites important in Christianity.


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