Rasua Garhi

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Rasua Gardhi is a ruined fort, dating back to the wars between Nepal and Tibet in the 19th century. It is situated directly south of the footbridge over the Lendi Kola which leads into Tibet Autonomous Region (China). At present there is an army post about 5 km south which prevents non-Nepalis from approaching the border. The nearest village to Rasua Gadhi is Ghattekola; Timure, a larger village is 6 km away on the path leading to the roadhead at Syaphru Bensi.

Ghattekholagaon is used on Nepali map, in the local dialect the village is called Bongseri. A trekking permit obtained in Kathmandu will allow tourists to visit the border, but not to cross the steel rope bridge into Tibet.

Coordinates: 28°17′N 85°23′E / 28.283°N 85.383°E / 28.283; 85.383