Rat at Rat R

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Rat at Rat R
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Noise rock
Alternative rock
Noise Music
Years active 1981 to 1991
Labels Neutral Records, Sound League, Ektro Records
Associated acts Sonic Youth, Swans, Live Skull
Members Victor Poison-Tete (vocals), John Myers (guitar), Sonda Andersson (bass), David Rat (drums)
Past members Walter Sisper

Rat at Rat R was a band formed in 1981 by guitarist Victor Poison-tete. The music of Rat at Rat R can best be described as no wave guitar-oriented noise music.


Originally hailing from Philadelphia, the band soon relocated to New York City's Lower East Side and became one of the highlights of the NYC noise-rock scene. With Sonic Youth, Live Skull and Swans among their contemporaries.

Rat at Rat R has strong links to New York City's avant-garde composer Glenn Branca. Branca's cousin, Sonda Andersson played bass until 1988, when she left to play bass in Live Skull. Andersson was replaced by Walter Sipser. John Myers, guitarist for Rat at Rat R, is Glenn Branca's conductor.

Their self-titled album was produced by Barkmarket singer/guitarist David Sardy. David Howard played drums on the 1991 release, replacing David Rat, temporarily.[1]

Their Debut Album was reissued on Finland´s Ektro Records and is available on I-tunes,etc.[2]



  • Amer$ide / Rock & Roll is Dead, Long Live Rat at Rat R - (LP, Neutral, 1985)
  • Stainless Steel - (12" EP, Purge/Sound League, 1988)
  • Rat at Rat R - (CD/LP, Purge/Sound League, 1991)
  • Amer$ide / Rock & Roll is Dead, Long Live Rat at Rat R - (CD, Ektro Records, 2012)

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