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A ratter is a type of dog that has been developed for catching rats and other vermin. A typical ratter is small to medium-sized and has a short and smooth coat. Their ears are often erect, although some breeds can have semi-erect and folded ears.

Ratter breeds[edit]

The definition for a ratter varies a little - sometimes it only includes the breeds that have the word "ratter" in their name, sometimes also pinschers and several terriers originally used for rat hunting.

Rat terriers[edit]

The term rat terrier refers to the American Rat Terrier and its descendants, as well as other terrier breeds used as ratters:

Spanish Ratoneros[edit]

There are five ratoneros, so called rat-hunting dogs, in Spain which all are local breeds originating in a specific area:


Pinschers - excluding the large Doberman Pinscher used as a service dog - were originally developed to be rat catchers:

Other Ratters[edit]


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