Ratan Singh Bhangu

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Rattan Singh Bhangu
Sikh warrior and wife Wellcome L0028067.jpg
Akali-Nihang Rattan Singh Bhangu with his wife
Born Late 18th century (Sikh Misl Period).
Died 1846- Battle of Sobraon (Sikh Empire period)
Occupation Historian
Notable works Prachin Panth Parkash

Akali Ratan Singh Bhangu Nihang was a Sikh historian and Nihang who wrote about the Sikhs' struggles and rise to power in North India, in his book Prachin Panth Prakash. In the beginning of the 19th century the British East India Company approached the Punjab frontier. They wanted to know about the Sikhs and their rise to power in Punjab.

Early life and works[edit]

Ratan Singh Bhangu belonged to the family of martyrs and had first-hand knowledge of the struggle and success of the Khalsa. He, being a member of the ruling Sikh aristocracy, took upon himself to prove to the British the glory of the Sikh rise to the power in Punjab and the complete legitimacy of Sikh domination. He was requested by Captain Murray, Agent to the Governor-General, to write the history of Sikhs, which he did under the title of the Prachin Panth Parkash.